People Playing Chess

One thing we hear a lot is, “I’m just getting old.” It’s amazing what we are conditioned to expect about the aging process. Our bodies are designed to function for 120-150 years. Why would it start slowing down at 30, 40, or 50? The answer is subluxation.

Our nerves supply muscles with the messages they need to contract. Each muscle fiber has a nerve associated with it. When we have subluxation, there is a reduction in messages along the nerves getting out to the muscles. As a result, thus, not 100% of the muscle is called to action. So when you are trying to use that muscle it isn’t as strong as it could be.

We can go a layer deeper as well. Organs and glands are chemical factories in the body that regulate our performance. What sends messages to those chemical factories to function at a high level? You guessed it our nerves.

The main two aspects of our performance and the aging process are controlled by our nerves. By removing interference in the nervous system our body can continue to function optimally. I know that’s what we all want for ourselves and our families.