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We are a Family Wellness Practice with a heart for Maternity, Pediatric and Family Care.

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“Chiropractor for the Whole Family”


As a team at Rādix Chiropractic, our goal is to maximize the health potential of all our practice members. We aim to equip our community, through education, with the principles to live an abundant and healthy life. Everyone was designed to be healthy! Through our Principled Chiropractic approach of Specific, Scientific adjustments to locate the cause, and utilizing massage when appropriate, we restore your body with the maximum ability to heal itself.

The result is an increased quality of life in all areas of health, from better organ & gland function to more energy, increased mobility, a stronger immune system and a life of freedom from ailments. Chiropractic is vitally important from birth and thereafter. It would be our honor to serve you in reaching your life goals with Chiropractic and Massage.

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We welcome all who are challenged, sick, infirm, or well; offering them fertile soil for encouragement, growth, and restoration of life. Experience “Health From Inside-Out” and expect your life to be transformed!

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