Meet Our Team


Meet Our Doctor

Ryan Betz, D.C

Ryan Betz, D.C.

I love helping people! As your chiropractor, we will forge into new territory as you begin removing health barriers in your life.  I am committed to serving you. My initial goal is to see you leave your first visit at my office with a new-found hope and a certainty that you are in the right place. I strive to provide each of my patients with exceptional care and educational opportunities to aid in making healthier lifestyle choices.

Chiropractic drastically improved my life as a child.  At the age of 7, my body was battling bedwetting and asthma. We had tried every conventional method to get it under control but nothing could slow it down. My parents were at the end of their ropes attempting to find a solution when they were introduced to chiropractic.  Chiropractic saved my life!  After a course of corrective care for my spine, which freed up the delicate nerves going to my urinary bladder and lungs among everything else, my body was finally given the tools to overcome these health obstacles.  So much so that I have dedicated my life to providing people with that exact same freedom for their bodies.  It would be my joy and honor to serve you with specific, scientific chiropractic care.

Meet Our Staff

Kelly Boviall – Insurance Specialist

Kelly Boviall – Insurance Specialist

Hi! I am Kelly, I began working for Radix in May of 2020 and I must say I love it here! The office is so warm and inviting. My time here and work-family has been such a blessing!

As a 4th generation Colorado Springs native, I love all things outdoors. So if you know of some amazing hiking spots let me know. I am a mother of four, yes four, girls!! I truly wish I had Chiropractic Care when I was pregnant, now that I am aware of all the incredible benefits to Mom and baby. I look forward to helping you and your family stay innately healthy. 

Nikkie Hayes - Office Manager

Nikkie Hayes - Office Manager

I’ve never had Chiropractic care before working at Radix Chiropractic.  I never really questioned the need to go if I wasn’t in constant pain, however I was completely wrong.  Not only did I notice changes in my lifestyle such as random frequent headaches (that I would normally take an Advil for) going away with no use of medication, I noticed a pretty decent boost in energy as well which is crucial when you’re a mom.  The longer I went the more I also noticed bigger changes to my spine and alignment.  Without hesitation I started taking my son Noah in as well after learning the multiple benefits it has for children.  One instance in particular stands out personally for us that really gave me more reason and faith in chiropractic and in Dr. Ryan was when Noah was 3.  He is always touching things, playing, and gathering germs constantly which means when cold and flu season comes around you can bet that he will contract it and it’s always bad.  The first time Noah received chiropractic was actually when he had started coming down with the flu and he was miserable!  Dr. Ryan said bring him on in and we will get that nerve system boost!  Up to that point when Noah had been sick it lasted about a week or even two.  After getting adjusted, Noah was back to play within 3 days!  I couldn’t believe it!  Turns out my little guy had multiple subluxations from birth and him being a wild one, they were causing some nerve interferences with his health.  My son actually pretends to give me adjustments now, that’s how much he enjoys it.  We are now full believers in Chiropractic and go regularly.  Dr. Ryan is the best!