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As a principled chiropractic office, our concern is the principle: the power that created the body can heal the body if interference is removed. Our neurological scans that we use to evaluate your health, give us information about how much interference is going on in your body. We get to see the efficiency of your nervous system and the power that is within you.

We want people to be running as efficiently as possible. Our nerves serve three functions. First, sensory function, how well your body is adapting to the outside world. Secondly, how well your motor nerves are regulating muscle tone. Thirdly, autonomic nerves, are the nerves that control the things are bodies do automatically. Those three tests give you your core score. This is how efficiently your body is running.

It is vitally important to know how efficiently your body is working. This is your body’s healing capacity. We want to coordinate the data we collect from the scans with our years of experience in order to reach your goals. The great part of the scans is it allows us to reach functional goals as well.

The sensory nerves are tested with our HRV assessment. It gauges how well your body is adapting to the outside world by recording small changes in your heart rate and pulse. It is essentially your body’s ability to adapt and self regulate. A healthy individual is self-healing and self-regulating.

The motor nerves (nerves that go to muscles) are tested by evaluating spinal muscle tone with a SEMG. It looks for balance in your muscle tone. Areas that are in need of adjustment will have a spasm or extra tightness of muscles. These imbalances over time cause misalignment which is detrimental to your health and comfort.

The deepest layer is the autonomic nerves. They control organ function, glands, and blood vessels. These are areas that when subluxated are difficult to detect without using advanced technology. By analyzing and correcting those areas we are able to facilitate greater function. Greater function means a greater quality of life.

It is important to know as much as possible about your health. That is why we are committed to giving you a comprehensive examination, and explaining what your findings are as if you were family. We feel the more you know, the better decisions will be made in regard to your health. As a family chiropractor in Colorado Springs , we are devoted to a mission of a happier, healthier, and flourishing community.