Success Stories

Bethany T

I moved to Colorado Springs when I was 17 weeks pregnant and was having a hard time with severe sciatic pain. My husband and I tried a few different Chiropractors in town and were not impressed… until we found Dr. Ryan. I started going to Radix weekly for the rest of my pregnancy and I can’t even tell you the difference it made. My sciatic pain was significantly better immediately after the first adjustment and was gone by the next week. I spent the rest of my pregnancy pain free (since when is that a thing?) and was able to stay extremely active up until delivery. We had such an easy delivery and I contribute it 100% to the Chiropractic care I received. I couldn’t wait to bring the baby in for his first adjustment after he was born. One year later and we have made it through two flu seasons and he hasn’t even had a cold. Getting care at Radix was the best decision we’ve made!

Trevor L

I have been seeing Dr. Ryan for about 18 months and have had a great experience and seen many improvements to my health. At the time I started coming I was unable to stay in the gym and continue weight lifting due to continual injury. After beginning to receive regular adjustments I was able to stay consistent at the gym and increase my frequency and intensity of training and see results there and with my spine health as well. My neck and back pain has more or less disappeared, my posture has significantly improved and friends and family have even commented that I look taller! I have appreciated Dr. Ryan’s heart to teach and help me understand how my body is responding to adjustments, the treatment plan as well as setting expectations of it, and also appreciated his heart for holistic health and wellness. Thanks!

Christine's Story

Sara R

My experience with chiropractic care began when I was very young.  My mother has severe scoliosis of the spine and she believed in proactive care for me and my 3 sisters.  I have been a patient of chiropractic care since then and believe that my overall health has been positively impacted since then.  I live a very active lifestyle and work in education, so weekly adjustments are imperative to staying active, fit, and healthy for the life I lead.  I have been a patient of Dr. Ryan’s for many years now and I am forever grateful for his care and expertise in supporting me in leading my best life!

Judy S

Chiropractic adjustments have helped me maintain an active lifestyle with no regular prescription medication and pain medicine. My first thought reviewing my initial x-ray in 2002 was that I had scoliosis due to the severe curve in my spine. My chiropractor assured me I did not and I started regular adjustments. As the subluxation improved I enjoyed more flexibility, less pain, more energy, and legs that were the same length. I was convinced chiropractic care was going to be part of my overall health care in the future. I am 76, have osteoporosis, and have been in a couple car accidents. With regular chiropractic care I remain an active great grandmother enjoying swimming, hiking, ice skating, and yard work. I have a playday once a week with my 3-year-old great grandson who has me hopping on one foot, going down the slide, climbing the rock wall, on my hands and knees pushing cars and tractors across the floor and all the activities a young boy enjoys.

Thank you chiropractic care for an enjoyable, active life!

Robin F

I was completely unaligned when I came to see Dr. Ryan.  My digestive system was messed up to the point that I was having loads of issues.  My sinuses were causing major issues especially during allergy season.  Dr. Ryan and his team of caring people have really rocked my health.  Along with a change in lifestyle, Dr. Ryan has added years to my life.  I am able to get down on the ground with my grandboys and play.  Praise God!

Baby Millie's Story

Christine M

I am beyond grateful and blessed God led me to Dr. Ryan and his practice. I had been seeing a different chiropractor 4-5x’s/week for a year prior to coming to Radix. I had been suffering from severe vertigo, chronic fatigue, allergies, and digestion/gut/parasite issues. These issues didn’t change until I began to get adjustments from Dr. Ryan. Immediately my symptoms began to clear up, most importantly my vertigo, which I was suffering from approx. 3 attacks weekly- majorly effecting my ability to care for my children and work as an OT. I am now a completely different person, rarely do I ever get a vertigo attack, approx. 5 in the last 2 ½ years of treatment. I am now able to eat a healthy diet, absorbing the nutrients, work at my optimal abilities serving my family and patients, and exercising to strengthen my body with much more energy as a result!

Cheryl Y

Believe or not, I am an RN with many years of experience.  In 2010 I had just recently Retired from the Army Nurse Corp and in my career I had never heard about Chiropractors, neither was it ever a topic in my Nursing Training. I met Joy who worked for Dr. Ryan.  They were at Whole Foods sharing information on Chiropractic care. Joy provided me with information about Chiropractors and she explained what they do.  I provided her with some information about myself.  I became very interested in what they had to offer after she gave me feedback on my assessment.   She stated that I was carrying a lot of weight on Left Side.  I thought to myself there must be something to this, as I did not mention that to her.  I was suffering with Cervical Radiculopathy and at the time, I was having numbness, tingling and pain radiating down both my right and left arms.  On a few occasions I could not hold a cup or write without my hand shaking.  At one point I thought I was having a Heart Attack.  I decided that I had to do something about my medical condition so I took the offer for the free adjustment.  After the first adjustment all I could say was “WOW”.  My body woke up!  I left the office asking myself what just happened.  Needless to say that after 3 months, my numbness, tingling and pain was gone, completely gone!  Also noted other benefits such as my low back improved significantly.  My GI system improved! Overall I felt great as they say when your body is adjusted your power is literally turned on.  Health is Wealth and Chiropractic care is the way to go.  I only wish the Medical Health Profession would promote and embrace this as a therapeutic measure to health.   I thank God for Radix Chiropractic. Dr. Ryan is truly a blessing as he has been my Chiropractor through this Journey.

Benefits For Mom

Roylene S

I’ve had chronic fatigue for about 21 years and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia nearly 14 years ago. I’ve been to dozens of doctors of all kinds; Medical doctors, Rheumatologists, Neurologists, Chiropractors, alternative doctors, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, a Cardiologist, and physical therapists. I’ve had all kinds of diets, supplements, and medications to help with my thyroid, adrenals, and Fibromyalgia symptoms. Some treatments helped a little, but none of them could explain or take away the Fibromyalgia, fatigue, autoimmune inflammation, or pain. Usually I would begin having Fibromyalgia flare-ups and they would eventually pass, but then in September of 2014 I began having chronic nerve pain specifically in my legs and sometimes in my whole body that was occurring on a daily basis and getting more intense. After seeing eight different doctors within one year and having numerous tests, doctors were unable to tell me the cause or know how to treat it. I was getting desperate for any kind of relief from the pain or sleepless nights. I had been taking a muscle relaxer to sleep and had just been prescribed to Lyrica. One neurologist said to come back in three months to see if the pain has gone.

Months before, a friend referred me to Dr. Betz and I finally decided to go to Radix Chiropractic in November of 2015. After that first week of just two adjustments, the nerve pain was completely gone and I have had no Fibromyalgia flare ups or symptoms since. My energy is up. I am no longer bed ridden for days – sometimes weeks – at a time with weakness or fatigue, and I’m no longer in agonizing muscle or nerve pain. I sleep soundly. I can think clearer. The brain fog is gone. The chronic fatigue and inflammation is gone. I can handle stress better. I’m more relaxed and my nerves are not on edge. My heart palpitations are gone. My depression from the pain of Fibromyalgia has lifted. I no longer take any medications or prescriptions. My posture, balance, spinal curvature, low back and hip pain are all significantly better.

There was a moment when I realized, “The pain is really gone and it’s not coming back. I don’t have to just survive this, day after day. I’m actually going to have a life.” Everything began to make a lot of sense when I understood that Fibromyalgia is often triggered by stress which affects the tension in our muscles effecting our spine alignment, which affects our nerves through our spine and into our brain or brain stem. Finally, when our brain and nervous systems work together to send signals back and forth correctly, everything begins to work effectively.

Dr. Betz specifically addressed what I needed to help my body heal. He is not just any ordinary Chiropractor. I have been to Chiropractors since I was seven and the technique he uses is different. He uses what is called the Tonal Chiropractic technique which targets the nervous system by adjusting not just the spine, but the top neck bones that connect to the head allowing the nerves to communicate properly with the brain to help your body function as it was intended, finely tuning and resetting your nervous system. Then the nervous system returns to its calm state and isn’t left running on high all the time, creating chronic pain and inflammation.

Living 20 years with chronic pain and illness has been very debilitating to me and I would like others to know they don’t have to continue suffering from conditions like Fibromyalgia, MS, or Lupus. My hope is that you will no longer have to take medications or prescriptions just to survive day after day, but find real healing and real relief from your pain. People come up to me and say, “You look so good, you don’t look sick.” Now I don’t have to mask the pain or pretend to smile anymore. I really do feel good! And to Dr. Betz and everyone at Radix Chiropractic, this has been really life changing and you were a real answer to prayer. Thank you!