Can A Chiropractor Help Headaches?

If you have consistent headaches, then you understand just how debilitating they can be. They keep you from doing your work properly, communicating with your family, and showing up in all areas of your life. This is true whether you have a mild, dull, or severe headache.

Headaches can occur as migraines on the scalp or neck, but anywhere across your head. Of course, some people only treat the symptoms and surface level of a headache. This is the case with certain medications.

However, chiropractic care can offer a more holistic way to heal your pain. So a common question is “can a chiropractor help headaches?” And aside from that, “How can a chiropractor help with headaches?”

Well, keep reading to learn about how safe and effective pain treatment from a licensed chiropractor can help you live without neck or head pain any longer.

Chiropractors And Headaches: The Connection

Chiropractors help with headaches in more than one fashion. When you go to a chiropractor in Colorado Springs, CO, they will offer spinal manipulation. This is also called an adjustment. In order to release the pain from your head, the adjustment will be performed on your neck primarily.

However, your chiropractor may also suggest working on your back since the entire central nervous system is related. An examination or x-ray will help the chiropractor determine what methodology is most appropriate for your pain.

For instance, you might have certain vertebrae that is out of place or a subluxation that creates nerve pressure. This can cause pain in the head, neck, and spine. A lot of times, the stress in your nervous system is what’s keeping it from functioning appropriately.

This extra stress and pressure is what causes throbbing pain. Not only can a chiropractic visit relieve pain in the short term, but it also helps with long-term pain as well. Therefore, you could reduce your possibility of future headaches.

So does chiropractic help headaches? Absolutely, yes.

Other Ways To Prevent Headaches

Now that you know that the answer to “Does chiropractic help with headaches” is yes, let’s talk about what kind of treatment you may receive.

There are some lifestyle changes that you can undergo as well. As with any kind of therapy, chiropractics should be combined with proper diet, nutrition, and lifestyle methods. One of the first ways to understand how to reduce headache pain going forward is to understand what triggers it.

For instance, where are you when the pain typically starts? Where does the pain start in your body? Are there specific activities that you engage in that happen at the same time as the pain? Are there certain foods or drinks that you consume that seem to coincide with the pain?

Some other triggers for headaches and stress are dehydration, eating sugary foods, looking at the computer for a long time, sitting with poor posture, stress, environmental noise, and lack of sleep.

Your chiropractor can help you identify which of your lifestyle habits may be contributing to your headache stress. Therefore, a chiropractor is not just someone who adjusts your back, neck, and spine. They’re someone who looks at your body as a harmonic instrument. It goes beyond prescribing medications.

When everything is connected, that means that making a positive change in one area of your life can improve others. That’s why chiropractic can help you with your headache pain in more ways than one.

Can Chiropractors Help With Headaches: Summary

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When you’re properly aligned, you can heal headaches and other painful disorders. So why not schedule a free consultation today and learn about your options for pain relief and relaxation.