Can Chiropractors Write Prescriptions?

Chiropractors can help you with several issues regarding your neck or spinal system. However, do chiropractors prescribe medication as well?

Like with any medical professional, chiropractors are committed to the overall health of their patients. For some, health issues, therapy, spinal adjustments, or other lifestyle changes are beneficial.

In other cases, chiropractors may consider prescribing you medicine. But it’s important to understand the facts.

So in this article, let’s talk about the question of do chiropractors write prescriptions or not. Chiropractors can help you with several issues regarding your neck or spinal system.

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Can Chiropractors Prescribe Medication?

Before asking “can chiropractors prescribe pain meds” it’s important to understand that chiropractors focus on the big picture.

Most chiropractors focus on natural remedies that are free of drugs. This is because pain drugs can be a short-term solution. However, the true long-term health solution to any issue you face is the proper functioning alignment of your natural systems.

For this reason, even if chiropractors can prescribe medications in some cases, they often choose not to in order to have the best outcome for the patient.

Why Can A Chiropractor Prescribe Medication?

Again, when it comes to the issue of answering can a chiropractor prescribe drugs, a better question is always why would you want to in the first place? That being said, there are situations when a chiropractor can prescribe medication.

In most places, chiropractors are not able to prescribe medication due to federal and state laws.

What Can A Chiropractor Write Prescriptions For?

Some chiropractors may have undergone additional training and prescribed drugs in their practice. A chiropractor most of the time cannot prescribe medication.

However, in limited circumstances, they may be able to provide certain medications that help your overall spinal and nervous system health. This includes antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers, and more.

Can Chiropractors Prescribe Pain Medication?

It depends on the local regulations, but most of the time a chiropractor cannot prescribe pain medications.

As many doctors try to treat the surface level symptoms of your pain and discomfort, it’s different in the chiropractic field. Most chiropractors aim to address the root cause of your health ailments. That way, you can enjoy long-term movement without pain.

Can Chiropractor Write Prescriptions – Summary

To summarize, it depends. Some chiropractors can prescribe pain drugs and other medications. However, in most places throughout the United States, it is forbidden by law.

The best way to get a specific answer for your situation is to contact a chiropractor in Colorado Springs. That way, you can determine if you’re eligible to be prescribed medication. Furthermore, a chiropractor can help you decide if that’s even the best choice for you.