What To Expect At Your First Chiropractic Visit For An Infant

When it comes to providing the best life for your baby, obviously health is at the top of the list. A lot of people wonder what to expect at your infant’s first chiropractic appointment.

After all, chiropractic is an excellent way to protect your infant’s muscles, ligaments, and nervous system. So if you’re looking to encourage the optimal growth and development of your child, keep reading and talk about what to expect, as well as the benefits of a chiropractor for infants in Colorado Springs.

What To Expect At Your Infant’s First Chiropractic Visit

Detailed History

Chiropractors will ask you about your baby’s health in general. This allows us to assess a history of biomechanical and nervous system traits. In fact, we’ll begin with the mother’s pregnancy all the way up until the current day.

Any kind of interferences, irritations, or potential issues with the nervous system will be addressed.

After all, the nervous system can impact the entire rest of the body. So we want to be able to treat your baby with a holistic approach. That’s why history assessment is such a crucial first step.

Assessing The Posture

Look for rotations or tilts in your child’s shoulder, head, and hips. Postural assessment is important for infants to see if their spine has the correct curvature.

Aligning the spine is one of the best pediatric treatments available when visiting a chiropractor. Read this post for more information on pediatric chiropractors.


When it comes to what to expect with a pediatric chiropractor visit, there are a lot of similarities with a family physician. One of these is testing your baby’s reflexes.

The chiropractor will tap on their kneecap with a light reflex hammer. As your baby develops, they actually express primitive reflexes or not, depending on several factors. For instance, this can depend on their phase of development.

However, it still provides insight into the child’s neurology. This will help the chiropractor determine the best method of treatment.

Dural Tension

The spinal cord has a sac that surrounds it called the dura. We will evaluate this tension by curling your baby’s head forward. If the dural tension is higher than normal, your baby may have misalignment of their spine’s arch.

Palpation Of The Spine

Chiropractor will feel how the neck and back bones are moving. This will be done from several positions. The baby may lie face up or down on our infant pillow to stay comfortable while we look for any irregularities.


Finally, once the chiropractor has assessed your baby’s nervous system, provide safe, sustained pressure in the proper areas, which will help alleviate any musculoskeletal issues that they may currently be facing.

Provide Your Child With The Best Care Possible

As your baby grows, the muscles and ligaments will change size. If the bones are not fully developed, it’s even more important to prevent subluxations, which are also known as misalignments.

If you’re looking for the best pediatric chiropractor in Colorado Springs, Radix Chiropractic can help. When it comes to your child, we can help them protect their bones, nerve fibers and also maintain alignment — promoting healthy and happy development.