What is Chiropractic


Chiropractic is based on the truth that the living human body has built within it an innate (inborn) intelligence that organizes and coordinates all healing and function of the body. From the moment you were created, your body was designed to heal itself and regulate itself from the inside-out without the help of any doctor. In fact, you have built within you the greatest doctor in the world, your innate intelligence.

For the body to properly heal and regulate itself, the nervous system which takes messages from the brain to the body must be clear of interference. Since those delicate nerve fibers are protected by the bones of the spine, Chiropractic places its focus on the relationship between the nerves and the spine. If the spine is in alignment, then all of the messages from the brain can get out to the trillions of cells in the body and allow for maximum healing and function (LIFE).

However, if one or more of the bones of the spine are out of alignment and are producing nerve interference, what Chiropractors refer to as Vertebral Subluxation, then the body loses its ability for maximum healing and function… in essence the body is expressing less LIFE.

To understand how this applies to your LIFE, allow me to walk you through a logical understanding of this amazing body of yours. Your LIFE potential is based on four vital principles which are at the heart of everything we do in this office.

Principle #1 = A living body has an innate intelligence (inborn wisdom) that organizes and coordinates all healing and regulatory functions giving life to the body.

Principle #2 = The nervous system is the master system and controller of the living body.

The above two principles are self-evident truths which need no further explanation.  From these two truths, a third truth can be derived through deductive reasoning;

Principle #3 = If the nervous system is interfered with there must necessarily be an interference with the body’s innate ability to heal and regulate itself.

With the above three principles established, the fourth principle is the purpose of the chiropractic adjustment;

Principle #4 = Vertebral Subluxations (spinal misalignments) are the cause of interference to the nervous system and when adjusted and corrected allow for every organ, gland and cell in the body to function and perform to its maximum potential.

With these four Chiropractic Principles established, we now have a foundation based on logic leading us to the objective of the Chiropractic Adjustment; To locate and correct Vertebral Subluxation and allow innate to freely organize and coordinate the body to reach its maximum potential for LIFE.

The sooner that Vertebral Subluxation is located and corrected and that correction is maintained, the better. We are a family-focused, innate-based Chiropractic office that checks the spine for Vertebral Subluxation from birth and thereafter for maximum expression of LIFE. No matter how far along in this journey of life you are, there is no greater time than the present to begin living a life free and clear of Vertebral Subluxation.