Post-Pregnancy Chiropractic Care—Your First Visit After Giving Birth

Bringing a newborn into this world is an experience mothers do not forget. During pregnancy, a mother’s body goes through changes to accommodate the baby growing inside. This is where chiropractic care plays a pivotal role in post-pregnancy recovery. Without the proper care, these accommodating changes can grow into discomfort, pain, and even misalignment of the spinal cord. So, for those in Colorado Springs and wondering, “How soon can I go to a chiropractor after giving birth?” read on to learn more.

Chiropractic Care for Postpartum Women

It is imperative to understand the benefits offered by post-pregnancy chiropractic care before deciding what is best for you. Chiropractic adjustments can have a major impact on our ability to cope with the challenges brought on by postpartum. A few things it can help with include managing neck pain, upper and lower back pain, and even issues like sciatica and postpartum depression. Based on the method of delivery, you may be able to start your post-pregnancy chiropractic journey sooner rather than later.

Vaginal Delivery

You may have the option to visit a chiropractor as soon as you feel comfortable leaving your home if there were no complications during a vaginal delivery. Chiropractic care after giving birth can be therapeutic for women who experience intense pain, as it helps to alleviate the discomfort and regain a sense of well-being.

Cesarean Section (C-section)

The timeline for chiropractic care after birth is slightly different for women who have undergone a C-section without complications. Before seeking an adjustment for the lower back, pelvic area, or other issues, it is advisable to wait four to six weeks. Your chiropractor will look at your specific condition and determine when you may safely reap the benefits of treatment. Keep in mind, though, that in some rare cases, you may need to wait up to three months.

Duration of Chiropractic Care After Pregnancy

The number of sessions needed after pregnancy will vary from person to person. If you were receiving treatment before and during pregnancy and maintained regular adjustments, for instance, you may only require a few sessions to realign your body and relieve post-pregnancy discomfort. Those only seeking a chiropractor after birth to manage pains may benefit from additional sessions. You should always consult with your chiropractor to create a unique care plan that suits your needs.

Benefits of Post-Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

The range of benefits post-pregnancy chiropractic care offers to new mothers is extensive. Here are a few:

Restores Biomechanics

Biomechanics handle the body’s mobility. Chiropractic adjustments help restore the body’s natural biomechanics, allowing optimal functionality.

Speeds Up Healing

Chiropractic care can help you recover quickly from strains of pregnancy and childbirth by accelerating the healing process.

Treats Sciatica

Chiropractic care can be an effective way to address sciatica during pregnancy and after giving birth for many women.

Fights Postpartum Depression

Potentially helpful in managing postpartum depression, chiropractic treatment has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health.

If you’re considering post-pregnancy chiropractic care, consult with a qualified chiropractor to discuss your specific needs and create a personalized treatment plan. Radix Chiropractic offers exceptional chiropractic care for women in Colorado Springs. Consulting with a chiropractor to discuss your specific needs will ensure the best possible route to a pain-free motherhood. Providing the support you need on your journey to post-pregnancy health is our highest priority.