Cherry Blossom


We are all born with an incredible gift. Our body knows how to heal and repair itself. This is why we say you are your best Doctor. This is great news because you don’t need a magic pill or potion to unlock this power. It is lying within you waiting to be unleashed.

This knowledge is not widely circulated because there isn’t a huge financial reward to the drug companies in empowering people to be healthier. When you realize you can control and influence your own health it is extremely liberating. When you trust yourself and listen to that small voice that tells you the truth, the power that lies within you, you innately make better and healthier choices.
This voice and power in your body is called innate intelligence. Innate intelligence means living or existing in one from birth. Our bodies have always known how to grow and heal. That is relayed through the nervous system. When there is a lack of communication through the nervous system that is when disease and malfunctions occur. That is why chiropractic is vitally important and needed to remove that negative influence and restore health and ease to the body.