Digital X-ray

As a principled, subluxation-based Chiropractor I honor the innate ability of the body to self-heal and self-regulate.  These foundational principles and self-evident truths (axioms) of the body are at their highest potential when the spine is free of the effects of vertebral subluxations (spinal misalignments which interfere with nervous system function).  It is this negative impact upon the nervous system which results in a body that is experiencing reduced healing, reduced adaptation to the environment, and overall reduced health. 

When I opened Radix Chiropractic in 2011, our practice utilized spinal radiographs (x-rays) in order to analyze spinal subluxations.  In 2015, we shifted away from radiographs and adopted neurological scanning in an effort to better understand the impact that the subluxations were having on the function of our patients’ nervous systems.  Looking back upon the care provided at Radix since shifting to a neurologically-based focus, it was elevated and allowed us to better gauge the type of care that best fit each patient individually rather than having a “one-size fits all” care protocol.

Introducing Spinal Radiography to Our Practice

I am now thankful to announce that Radix Chiropractic is combining the best of both worlds with the reintroduction of spinal radiography to our practice.  We now offer the most comprehensive and thorough analysis of the spine than ever before, with the specific analysis of vertebral subluxations through spinal x-rays and the impact of those subluxations with neurological scanning.  I am constantly learning and striving to be the best Chiropractor I can be for my community, and I believe that by bringing back spinal x-rays to Radix that it will elevate the level and quality of care from good to great!

So how are Chiropractic Spinal Radiographs different from Medical Radiology?  Quite simply, medical radiographs are taken to analyze areas of the skeleton for fractures & breaks, arthritis, and disease with no focus nor attention taken to the alignment of the spine. They are not the same x-rays taken of the spine as you would receive at a Chiropractor.  A comprehensive set of Chiropractic spinal x-rays are taken for that same analysis as medical radiographs but then are further analyzed to assess the alignment, stability and integrity of the spinal column.  A medical radiograph can come back as “normal” meaning that there are no signs of fractures, arthritis, etc. yet it is a spine with multiple misalignments (subluxations) and abnormalities which to a Chiropractor is not “normal.” 

Chiropractors are the ONLY Doctors trained and experienced in the proper structural analysis of the spinal column.  It is to the benefit of the patient to receive Chiropractic Spinal Radiographs at a Chiropractic office to most thoroughly assess the overall health and integrity of their spinal column.  Because after all, the spinal column is protecting the most important system in the human body, the nervous system.  If we seek to experience our greatest health potential, then we need to take proper care of our spine and nervous system with Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Care utilizing the most advanced spinal assessment tools as is standard at Radix Chiropractic.

Dr. Ryan Betz

– Dr. Ryan Betz, Owner/Founder of Radix Chiropractic