My brother and I were not getting along. We were very different people, and in very different stages of life living under the same roof. I was a 22 college drop out starting to get my life back on track with chiropractic care (future blog entry). He was a 12-year-old adolescent. I realized we were constantly fighting because he would ask me the same question repeatedly, refuse to shut doors, or sit down and do his homework. At this time my mom was given a solution he was diagnosed with ADHD and given medication. It was an answer and really that's what a parent is looking for. (more…)


Back Pain and Chiropractic

This is what most people think a chiropractor does all day; fix bad backs. The reason is everyone has experienced or known someone with back pain. Many of those people have been helped by a chiropractor. While I will say chiropractic is for so much more; I want to explain why and how it works for back pain. When a joint locks up in the back the message of pain gets sent to the brain, and the process of degeneration begins. We restore proper movement in the joint and it stops that degenerative process. Also, it turns that pain signal off. This allows us to listen to our bodies feedback. (more…)

Cherry Blossom

Innate Healing

  We are all born with an incredible gift. Our body knows how to heal and repair itself. This is why we say you are your best Doctor. This is great news because you don't need a magic pill or potion to unlock this power. It is lying within you waiting to be unleashed. This knowledge is not widely circulated because there isn't a huge financial reward to the drug companies in empowering people to be healthier. When you realize you can control and influence your own health it is extremely liberating. When you trust yourself and listen to that small voice that tells you the truth, the power that lies within you, you innately make better and healthier choices. This voice and power in your body is called innate…

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What is a Diagnosis?

You are not your diagnosis. When I meet people out and about in the community, and the topic of health comes up many people tell me a diagnosis they have. Almost as if it is their middle name. Heck for some people it's their first name. It devastates me to hear that. I am here to tell you that you are not your diagnosis. You are so much more, and many times that diagnosis doesn't have to be a life sentence. (more…)