First & Second Visit

What to Expect on your First Visit

• Complete Paperwork

• Introduction to Office

• Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Assessment


Complete Paperwork:

Read and sign any additional forms (if needed) at the front desk prior to meeting with the Doctor. You can complete your New Member Paperwork before your first visit.


Introduction to Office:

A One-to-One Consultation with the Doctor to discuss your goals for care, current health status, and to learn how the Doctor can serve you.


Specific, Scientific Chiropractic Assessment:
Neurological Analysis – to locate signs of interference in your nervous system. Consists of a series of non-invasive and radiation free Neurological Scans using the advanced technology of the Insight Subluxation Station (TM). Safe for everyone, including infants and expecting mothers. The following scans will be performed:

Thermography Scan
Surface Electromyography Scan
Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Scan



What to Expect on your Second Visit

• Report of Findings

• First Adjustment


Report of Findings: 

The Doctor will review the results of your Neurological Scans. This will provide you with clear insight and certainty as to the root cause of your health issues and action steps you can take to improve them.


First Adjustment:

The Doctor will analyze your nervous system and perform a Chiropractic Adjustment utilizing a Tonal Technique Analysis. Dr. Ryan will discuss recommendations for your care and answer any additional questions you may have.