Frequently Asked Questions

About Chiropractic

Q:What is Chiropractic Care?

The journey towards fulfilling your potential in this life starts with accepting one of the fundamental principles which I ascribe to as a Chiropractor: within each of us resides a self-healing, self-regulating intelligence that without interference is all you need in achieving a state of optimal health and well-being.  The message is simple – health comes from within, and ultimately your health, and that of your children, is born out of your beliefs, thoughts and actions today.

Q:Is Chiropractic care safe for Adults and Children? What about Newborns?

A variety of studies and government inquiries all report that Chiropractic care is remarkably safe. It is a natural approach to caring for the body as a whole that avoids invasive procedures or medications and results in enhanced quality of life. The risk of injury under chiropractic care is extremely rare compared to the risk of injury when utilizing conventional medical practices. Adjustments for all ages, even newborns, are gentle and removing nervous system stressors, which is vital for development and future potential in every area of their life.

Q:At what age should one consider seeing a Chiropractor?

There is no age limit or requirement.  Many times the birth process itself puts stress upon the cervical (neck) nerves of the newborn.  If left uncorrected, this can lead to various health problems in infants.  Chiropractors are trained to carefully evaluate the nervous systems of all ages, young and old, for the detection of nerve interferences.  It is never good to have tension in the nervous system at ANY age. Chiropractic care is a highly skilled art form and is always adapted to the individual patient, regardless of age.

Q:What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A Chiropractic adjustment is a gentle, specific movement of a spinal bone, known as a vertebra, which the Doctor makes by hand or by using a small hand held device (Activator).  The technique that Dr. Betz will use depends on many factors.  A Chiropractic adjustment can vary from a high speed controlled movement to a sustained light pressure.  The goal of the adjustment is to improve spinal function and reduce interference to the delicate nervous system thus allowing your body to better function from the inside out.

Q:Will the Adjustment Hurt?

Very few patients feel any discomfort during the adjustment.  Adjustments are either performed by hand or with the use of an Activator (a hand held instrument) and are “low force” in their delivery. Oftentimes, patients will hear popping sounds, but there is no need for concern.  The noises you hear are tiny pockets of gas releasing with a pop, which is completely normal.  Patients will never experience a “twisting” adjustment of the neck.  The Doctor uses a technique known as a Toggle Adjustment for the neck, which utilizes the effect of gravity to set the vertebra in position while lying on your side.  The focus of the Toggle is speed and precision hence why it is a “low force” technique for adjusting the neck.

Q:What can I expect after my First Chiropractic Adjustment?

Each person is different, but most patients experience noticeable change after the initial adjustment.  This may be the first time in years that normal energy has reached some areas of the body without interference.  Others may become more limber, relaxed and even experience a surge of energy.  It is also common for infants and young children to sleep longer and harder after their initial adjustment, which is completely natural.  Sometimes there may be minor discomforts like after a workout, because a change in the body has occurred.  Patients that do experience positive effects are reminded, however, that their problem may have existed for months or years, with or without symptoms and that continued care is important to reach optimal function and health.

Q:How many Adjustments will I need?

Everyone is different, dynamic and is cared for with that in mind.  The number of adjustments recommended varies with each patient because we are all unique individuals.  For this reason, we do not approach Chiropractic care with a “one size fits all” mentality.  Care is individually based on your specific needs and overall state of your nervous system when you initiate your care.  Following proper evaluation of your nervous system with our Insight Scanning Technology, a care plan will be decided upon to ensure maximum reduction in spinal nerve interference and, therefore, ultimate improvement in overall bodily function.  Visit frequency will decrease as your spine stabilizes and spinal nerve interferences are reduced. As always, we are here to serve your needs in whichever capacity you desire.

Q:Once I go, do I have to go for the rest of my life?

This is a common question and concern for many people, and well justified.  Rest assured that you are not forced to do anything that you do not desire.  Do we promote health and well-being and believe that Chiropractic plays an integral role in that process?  Absolutely we do, because that is our passion!  But do we force you to have Chiropractic for your lifetime?  Absolutely not, you control your choices.  Utilizing chiropractic as part of your health care choice is a way of being preventative, proactive and allows the healer inside of you to be in control.  But always remember, we give our recommendations on an individual basis and respect whichever choices you make as long as it’s in your own best interest.

Patient Education

Q:How can I learn more about Chiropractic?

We provide a New Patient Orientation every Tuesday night at 6pm for all those beginning care in our practice.  This workshop is also open to the public as a means of further education on healthy lifestyle choices. There is no commodity more precious than the knowledge of living a healthy, active lifestyle.  The New Patient Orientation covers necessary information in the areas of eating well, moving well, and thinking well.  All for the purpose of enhancing the results of those under Chiropractic care so you can get the most out of your care with us.

Q:What conditions does Chiropractic treat?

As a Chiropractor, we care for people of all ages, with a variety of health conditions. Our expertise is for caring for the patient with specific adjustments and thorough analysis of the patient as a whole person. We realize that the living body is self-regulating, self-healing, complex dynamic organisms that can self remove previous labels of a specific condition. Our goal is to help the person be at ease, instead of in a state of dis-ease.  Chiropractic care helps every BODY to function with harmony, allowing all the life messages to communicate properly.


Q:Should I have Chiropractic care during my Pregnancy?

Absolutely, without a doubt!  Chiropractic care can help you and your baby achieve a healthier pregnancy and delivery.  It is gentle and safe.  During pregnancy many external and internal changes take place, all for the purpose of creating an optimal environment for the developing baby.  Chiropractic care during pregnancy helps to reduce both physical and neurological stresses on your body, improving your body’s likelihood to experience the healthiest pregnancy and delivery possible. Receiving adjustments during pregnancy adds comfort throughout the trimesters by eliminating stressors and allowing you to better perform routine, daily activities. And best of all, chiropractic during pregnancy maximizes the growth and development of the precious life growing within you.