Meet the Doctors

Serving Colorado Springs with Specific Scientific Chiropractic Care

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Dr. Ryan Betz

Dr. Ryan was introduced to chiropractic at a very young age by his Uncle Kurt, a Chiropractor in Michigan.  He had suffered for 7 years from bedwetting and sports induced asthma.  Because of chiropractic, his body had finally received the care it needed to overcome these health ailments.

“The moment I was introduced to chiropractic, I knew my life would be changed forever.  I now have it as my life mission to help others experience that same freedom.”

I love helping people! As your chiropractor, we will forge into new territory as you begin removing health barriers in your life.  I am committed to serving you. My initial goal is to see you leave your first visit at my office with a new-found hope and a certainty that you are in the right place. I strive to provide each of my patients with exceptional care and educational opportunities to aid in making healthier lifestyle choices.tate-dad

Chiropractic drastically improved my life as a child.  At the age of 7, my body was battling bedwetting.  We had tried every conventional method to control it but nothing helped to even slow it down.  My parents
were at img_5483the end of their ropes attempting to find a solution when they were introduced to chiropractic.  Once exposed to the objective of chiropractic, which is to “facilitate the healing process by restoring full nerve flow from the brain to the body,” we gained clarity as to why my body was not living up to its God-given potential.

It was through chiropractic care that full nerve supply was restored to my body and it literally gave me my life back!  NO MORE bedwetting, NO MORE medications, NO MORE sleepless nights for my parents or myself, and NO MORE limitations to experiencing the life that God set before me.  Now, I get to impart that same hope
and understanding to each person who walks through my doors in order to enhance their life experience



img_5202Dr. Justin Stokes

Meet Dr. Justin Stokes, D.C. He moved to the Springs in 2014. He loves everything Colorado Springs has to offer. He is a board member of the Organization of Westside Neighbors, and has served on committees for Colorado Springs Rising Professionals. He and his family enjoy: hiking, trail running, biking, snowshoeing, golfing, and cross-country skiing. They feel that being active is an important part of a chiropractic lifestyle. He specializes in corrective care with a strong passion for family wellness.

“I was drawn to chiropractic later in life due to a golf injury and later a car accident in college. After painkillers and muscle relaxers had failed me, a doctor referred me to a chiropractor. The chiropractor taught me how he was going to work to correct the cause of my problems (subluxation). So, when chiropractic saved my life I decided to devote my life to helping people the same way.”

After he was able to return to school he graduated cum laude from Grand View College with a B.A. in Biology. He then went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic. While there he excelled in the student clinic and did an outreach trip to Honduras. He also excelled in the classroom and graduated summa cum laude with a doctorate in Chiropractic. He brings that same work ethic and passion to correcting the subluxations of the people he serves to help them meet their goals!