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Meet Dr. Ryan Betz

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I love helping people! As your chiropractor, we will forge into new territory as you begin removing health barriers in your life.  I am committed to serving you. My initial goal is to see you leave your first visit at my office with a new-found hope and a certainty that you are in the right place. I strive to provide each of my patients with exceptional care and educational opportunities to aid in making healthier lifestyle choices.

Chiropractic drastically improved my life as a child.  At the age of 7, my body was battling bedwetting.  We had tried every conventional method to control it but nothing helped to even slow it down.  My parents were at the end of their ropes attempting to find a solution when they were introduced to chiropractic.  Once exposed to the objective of chiropractic, which is to “facilitate the healing process by restoring full nerve flow from the brain to the body”, we gained clarity as to why my body was not living up to its God-given potential.

It was through chiropractic care that full nerve supply was restored to my body and it literally gave me my life back!  NO MORE bedwetting, NO MORE medications, NO MORE sleepless nights for my parents or myself, and NO MORE limitations to experiencing the life that God set before me.  Now, I get to impart that same hope and understanding to each person who walks through my doors in order to enhance their life experience!

Our Wonderful Staff

Kinzi – Office Manager

kinziHello, I’m Kinzi! I was never a “believer” in Chiropractic until I started working with the team at Radix. After receiving regular adjustments and learning about the power of Chiropractic care, I noticed an amazing change in the way my body was behaving; I used to struggle with headaches, chest pains, and a lack of energy. Now I have more energy than I can ever remember and headaches are a thing of my past. With confidence, I can say that Chiropractic has changed the way I live my life. When I’m not at work, you can find me taking pictures with my film camera and getting lost in the solitude of the Rocky Mountains.


Kayla – Chiropractic Assistant







Katrina – Chiropractic Assistant


I discovered Chiropractic about 3 years ago when I got invited to a Dinner with the Doc. I had no idea that Chiropractic could help everyone, and not just people who had chronic back pain. I have been getting adjusted regularly ever since and I have seen an amazing transformation in my health. I’ve learned so much about living a natural and healthy lifestyle.  It’s amazing to see our patients’ health improve by getting adjusted here at Radix! I love empowering people to take control of their health and make natural health choices. I’m passionate about Jesus, holistic medicine, non-toxic beauty and skin care, and anything creative!

What is Radix Chiropractic?

The Meaning of the Name

logo-icon-300-300Rādix is Latin, meaning “A Root or Primary Source.”  We specifically chose this name because our life’s work is guided through the service of Chiropractic.  Being that we honor God as the “Primary Source” of all life and healing, the name Rādix embodies our mission, vision, and philosophy. The philosophy of Rādix Chiropractic summarized in the acronym, A.D.I.O.  We to honor the truth that a living human body was designed for abundant health and vitality.  It is the role of the nervous system to provide communication to ALL parts of the body for the purpose of coordinating ALL functions in order to express FULL life. The Rādix objective is to locate, analyze, and correct that which interferes with a healthy nervous system, Subluxation. Life can only manifest it’s God-given potential if your nervous system is free of subluxation.  By improving your nerve function, your greatest well-being is achieved.

“Come as you are”

Our battle cry, “Come As You Are”, embraces the truth that we are all broken and battling in some way, shape, or form.  No one is perfect, nor should we expect perfection.  For this reason, we welcome in people from all walks of life.  No matter your pain, no matter your burdens, no matter your beliefs, you can find refuge within our four walls.  “Come As You Are” and experience the life of your dreams!

To Impact Thousands of People’s Lives, One Person at a Time.

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